Utilising IP Telephony over various forms of last mile connectivity, Blue Chip Computers is able to select the path of outbound communications traffic to terminate calls destined to any network operator at a reduced cost, thus acting as an alternate telco service provider to customers. Blue Chip Computers has an IP Telephony product that suits any budget and requirement. These services include:

  • IP Telephony over contended last mile
  • IP Telephony over uncontended last mile
  • IP Telephony provided by Neotel

Uncapped Voice

Make an unlimited amount of voice calls and only be charged per number of concurrent calls required per site.


Wholesale Voice

Deliver carrier-class voice to your customers. Deliver aggregated minutes to all local and international Electronic Communications Networks


Vobi SIP Accounts

Mobile SIP Client is a next generation product for Smartphone handsets allowing the user to access the Vox network directly from their mobile phones.


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