• Control telephony spend via an easy-to-use web-based dashboard
  • Manage multiple sources of information (fixed line, mobile, fax, data and print) from a single portal
  • Central, scalable hosted or on-site solution
  • Centralised management of all branches and users
  • Web-based reporting accessible from anywhere
  • Customisable costing engine
  • Categorise call allocations (personal vs. official)
  • Set budget limit notifications via email and SMS
  • Flag misuse and abuse of communications tools
  • Wallboards and infographics offer real-time statistics
  • Regular updates and enhancement at no extra cost
  • Comprehensive SLA offering

Communications Manager, is a web-based Communications Expense Management System that provides a holistic view of your organisation’s communication patterns and expenses. Communications Manager provides a balance between ability and usability, enabling you to make informed business decisions in order to manage and control your communications costs.

Communications Manager, is designed to allow your organisation to monitor and report on all facets of communication traffic, including voice (fixed and mobile), data (fixed and mobile), fax and SMS. Functionality also extends to automated email and SMS notifications, individual management and the ability to add recurring or ad-hoc service charges.

Wholesale TMS is a scalable user centrex solution. As a wholesale partner, you can offer your clients, a complete telephony expense management platform on a pay per device basis. Our platform is multi-tenant, in the cloud, and offers wholesale partners the option of a white labelled solution.

Wholesale TMS is a global product with unique tax rates, tax descriptions and currency selections. Additional revenue can be generated by providing your customers with insight into their fixed, mobile voice and data spend within their telephony environment.


  • Communications Manager is available as both an on-site and hosted service, with optional comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Secure login offers users access to administration and reporting functions related to their job functions.
  • Multi-level reporting allows for a comprehensive summary and detailed view of all communication patterns and expense.
  • Automatic scheduled reports and notifications reduce administration overhead.
  • Communications Manager delivers text-based as well as graphical reporting which may be filtered and modified “on-the-fly”, thereby reducing server and bandwidth loads.
  • Administration is simple and intuitive due to Communications Manager user-centric design, in which attributes such as branch, department, cost centre, devices, codes and allowances are allocated and assigned to a user. This ability ensures that historical data is kept intact and accurate at the time of processing.
  • Infographics and wallboards form an integral part of Communications Manager, enabling real-time and high-level overviews of the entire organisation or specific areas/departments.

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