What Is Email Security?

Email security uses technology to inspect incoming emails for malicious threats and encrypt–or secure–outbound email traffic to protect mailboxes, data, users, and organizations from cybersecurity attacks and schemes. Cloud email security is increasingly important as more and more companies migrate to a cloud or hybrid email platform. Cisco Email Security’s layered defenses can provide comprehensive protection that incorporates email security best practices .

How can email messages be compromised?

While many cybersecurity professionals are aware of common email security threats like phishing, ransomware, business email compromise, and other inbound threats, it’s important to also consider data protection and securing outbound traffic. That is, putting measures in place to prevent users from sending sensitive data via email to external parties. There are four main components of an email message that can be compromised or manipulated:

What are email security best practices?

Email security best practices include the use of a robust email security posture that contains layers of security measures, including effective security intelligence across your entire architecture, retrospective remediation, and encryption to prevent data leakage among other features.

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