Mobile data. Stay connected wherever you go.

We get that you’ve got places to go, but need to stay connected. Whether you’re between meetings, at the gym or picking the kids up from school, you’ll never miss a mail or a social update.

Our mobile data gives you the freedom to be on the move, and remain connected.

  • It’s mobile data for SIM card-enabled devices.
  • You can choose between contract and prepaid options.
  • You have a choice of tailored plans for business and personal needs.
  • You get extensive national network coverage

Package Information

Contract Period
No contract (month-to-month plan)
Data Bundles
Hard Capped
Selection of packages available
No data carry over
Data Management
Online setup including:
– data depletion notifications
– detailed usage reporting
Top-up Options
Top-ups available online
50GB top up limit per month
Data carry over till end of following month
  • Mobile Data is powered by MTN.
  • Pro-rata billing applies to all packages.
  • RICA documentation is required when purchasing this product (Proof of ID and a utility or retail bill less than 3 months old).
  • Customers will be subject to a credit vet when purchasing a 12 or 24 month contract.

Top up your data for less.

You can easily monitor and manage how much mobile data you use from our Customer Zone.
We’ll send you warnings when your cap is being reached via SMS and/or email.

What to expect when buying Mobile Data

Payment Options

You will have the option of purchasing via debit order or credit card.
Please allow 3 to 4 working days, for your order to be processed.


You will receive two emails:
Email 1 – New Customers only: Your Customer Zone details within a few hours of purchase.
Email 2 – Mobile Data username and password: Please allow 3 to 4 working days for your order to be processed.


  1. Once your payment has been cleared your package will be shipped, and you can expect delivery within 3 days in Metro areas, and within 5 days in non-Metro areas.
  2. Please have your RICA documents ready for verification upon delivery of your hardware


Mobile Data Packages

Month to Month

Data Bundles Setup Fee Cost per month
(VAT incl.)


R99.00 R19.00 BUY NOW


R99.00 R29.00 BUY NOW


R99.00 R49.00 BUY NOW


R99.00 R89.00 BUY NOW


R99.00 R139.00 BUY NOW


R99.00 R239.00 BUY NOW


R99.00 R459.00 BUY NOW


R99.00 R959.00 BUY NOW


R99.00 R1,299.00 BUY NOW


R99.00 R1,799.00 BUY NOW


R99.00 R2,199.00 BUY NOW

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