We live in exciting times where our world has never been more digitally connected and with the ever increasing number of internet-capable devices in our home, the need for a high-speed broadband connection to support their usage is essential. With devices such as notebooks or tablets, smart TVs and media players, coupled with fibre broadband, the world is literally at your fingertips.

What can I do with my Fibre Connection?

Stay connected
Fibre makes communicating with friends and family easier than ever. Our VOIP services saves you money and enable you to make crystal clear local and international voice calls over your fibre connection. Video calls with your loved ones, using applications such as Skype, are now clearer than ever.

Work from home
A home office with business speed connectivity means faster uploads and downloads , enabling acces to video conferencing, business services in the cloud, or to simply send and receive large files hassle free.

Be Entertained
Life is too short to continue suffering with buffering, Fibre provides you uninterrupted access to online HDTV and video content, music streaming, smooth gaming and faster downloads of your favorite HD movies and series.

Increase security
Connect your existing home security cameras to your fibre broadband connection

We have partnered with most of SA’s biggest Fibre Network Providers

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Frequently Asked Questions

ADSL runs over existing copper wire infrastructure which is often unreliable, heavily contended and offers average speeds of around 4mbps. Fibre, on the other hand, transmits information as light impulses along flexible glass fibres at incredible speed, allowing users to achieve speeds of up to 1000mbps.
No. Fibre runs completely independently of your traditional voice line
The fibre line provider (Telkom, Vumatel, Smartvillage/WAN or DFA depending on your suburb) lays fibre outside the boundary walls. The fibre line supplier then needs to run fibre from your boundary wall to inside your home and connect it to a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) device. The make /model of the CPE device is supplier dependent. We will then install a WAN enabled wireless router.
This depends on the fibre line provider, some offer one or the other, synchronous or asynchronous, and some offer both options.
Yes you might. This depends on your particular fibre provider, as each has different requirements. We will provide you with the appropriate router/modem for your supplier/suburb.
Wireless speeds are determined by a number of factors: The capabilities of the wireless router used. Overlapping channel interference and The device(s) (such as phones, tablets and laptops) connecting to the router.
Yes you can. You will also save up to 30% on your call costs.
Calls are billed on a per-second basis.
Yes, you can link up to 5 additional handsets. They are available for purchase as single units.
Yes, you can port your number.
We will provide you with an 087 number.
You may upgrade or downgrade at any time, but please note that the upgrade action may attract a small upgrade fee. Downgrades within contract term will result in a penalty payable. Cancellations on the fibre line are dependent on the contract terms agreed to, and requires at least one calendar months’ notice.
Your unused data will roll over monthly and will accumulate to a maximum of six (6) times your base subscription cap. E.g. if you are subscribed to a 100GB product, you can accumulate 600GB unused data.

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