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Intel unveils Project Alloy

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Intel has unveiled its all-in-one virtual reality platform, Project Alloy.


Its all-in-one VR platform “made from the ground up”.

“A clear example of the future of merged reality today, the Alloy platform completely redefines what is possible in an all-in-one VR platform,” said Intel.

Alloy will use Intel’s RealSense technologies, which are optimised for VR, to deliver new immersive experiences, said the company.

The device can operate without cables, as the “computing power” (processor and battery) is located within the Alloy Head-Mounted Device (HMD).

“This, combined with collision detection and avoidance, enables the user to utilise physical movement to explore a virtual space,” said Intel.

Merged reality

Intel said the merged reality experience the Alloy offers means users can see their hands, friends, and objects around them.

Users can see elements from the real world while interacting with elements from a virtual world.

Intel said the HMD has RealSense cameras attached to it, which means users will not have to set up external sensors or cameras in a location of use.

“Intel is collaborating with Microsoft to optimise Windows-based content and experiences on Intel-based VR devices such as Alloy,” said Intel.

Intel will open the Alloy’s hardware and provide APIs for the ecosystem in 2017.

Intel unveils Aero Ready-To-Fly drone

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Intel has launched its Intel Aero Platform for drones, alongside a Yuneec Typhoon H drone with Intel RealSense Technology

new drone technology at the Intel Developer Forum, featuring its Intel Aero Platform for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Intel is focussed on creating new technologies in the UAV segment, and said pre-orders are open for the Intel Aero Platform for UAVs.

Designed from the ground up to support drones, the UAV developer kit is powered by an Intel Atom quad-core processor.

It combines compute, storage, communications, and flexible I/O in a form factor the size of a standard playing card.

When matched with the optional Vision Accessory Kit, developers will have opportunities to launch sophisticated drone applications.

Intel’s Aero Ready-To-Fly drone is a quadcopter with the compute board, and integrated depth and vision capabilities incorporating Intel RealSense Technology.

The Aero drone supports several plug-and-play options, including a flight controller with Dronecode PX4 software, Intel RealSense for vision, and AirMap SDK for airspace services.


Yuneec Typhoon H

Intel also showcased the Yuneec Typhoon H with Intel RealSense Technology, which uses intelligent obstacle navigation to avoid objects and plot an alternative course.


Xiaomi unveils new Mi Robot Vacuum

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Xiaomi is taking on iRobot with its new Mi Robot Vacuum, which looks like a Roomba, but is a fraction of the price


Xiaomi is taking on iRobot with its new Mi Robot Vacuum, which looks like a Roomba, but at a fraction of the price.

The Mi vacuum features 12 sensors to navigate the area it is cleaning and has a brush which can self-adjust to different surfaces.

The vacuum robot has a high-quality battery, offering over 2 hours of cleaning on a single charge, said Xiaomi.

The vacuum also automatically moves back to its docking station after it has finished cleaning or when it is running out of power.

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